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  • Robust Ultrasonic Silo monitoring unit that sends silo level information to your smartphone.
  • See historic data of Silo stock levels on mOOvement App and receive alerts.
  • Works on all types of grains, kernels, broken kernels, pellets etc.
  • Monitor Silo stock levels, track volume and weight of grains in your Silo.
  • Get alerts when your silo is nearing empty or when full. Set different thresholds for receiving alerts.
  • Low ongoing costs.
  • Ultrasonic silo monitor with range up to 10 meters.
  • 1 millimetre accuracy and Standard alkaline (C-type) batteries - 10-year lifetime.
  • Works on mOOvement LoRaWAN network.

See The Level of your silo remotely

Silo monitoring built in the app

moovement Silo monitor alert

Receive alerts

Receive alerts on Silo levels at desired thresholds.

moovement silo monitor historic data


Observe silo levels over time with readings every 10 minutes.

moovement silo monitor app view

All in one view

See all your silos on the map to check if their levels.

Common questions


Do I need a LoRa network for water monitoring?


Yes. To use mOOvement’s water monitoring devices you need a LoRa network, the same network we use for the mOOvement GPS ear tags.


Why are the ongoing costs so low?


The water monitoring devices use the same LoRa network as the GPS ear tags. By owning your own network there are no costs involved for expensive 3G/4G plans.


Can I install the sensors myself?


Yes. Installing the water monitoring devices is really easy. They come with detailed instructions to install them within 10 minutes.