wildlife tracking

Wildlife tracking and monitoring

The mOOvement GPS ear tags are originally designed for tracking cattle over long distances but can also be applied to wildlife to monitor and track their behaviour. So far, mOOvement has provided tags for several research studies to allow researchers monitor behaviour remotely, but also for movement and recolonization studies.

wildlife tracking


The mOOvement GPS ear tags allows researchers from the the University of Queensland to follow koalas remotely and monitor their movement from afar.

By using the mOOvement technology, the researchers hope it leads to better practices for recolonization of landscapes by koalas, a better understanding of how various koalas use their landscape and an evidence based guide to improving the lot of the koala in the agricultural landscape.

wildlife tracking


The mOOvement GPS ear tags allow researchers from the American Prairie Reserve in Montana to get a better understanding of group dynamics and how these dynamics change throughout the seasons.

They also want to know how bison make decisions so that they can better assess how animals are likely to move across the landscape.